Organisation of African Communities

Justice reinvestment: Mentor Me ReConnect

Is a new approach in tackling the causes of crime and provides a viable option as our prison expansion costs become unsustainable. It re-directs money spent on prisons to community-based initiatives which aim to address the underlying causes of crime, promising to cut crime and save money. This

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Schools Outreach Programme: “Make it happen”

This phase provides opportunity young Africans in years 10-12 in senior high schools to be mentored. This is a programme designed to create rapport with target class, keeping the target group focused and motivated to further their educational careers through to advance learning and University.
Some components

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Stop The Violence

Stop the Violence Project

A six month training and mentorship programme delivered under the auspices of African Australian Mentoring Programme, it is a concept focused on young Africans with the aim of providing mentorship in capacity building, self-esteem and leadership. This project is focused on identifying what violence is

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Ongoing Initiatives

OAC-WA provides ethnically and linguistically appropriate training and information sessions to individuals and African groups.

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Sports And Recreation

OAC-WA delivers a youth project that addresses the based needs, mentorship and advocacy for African youth in the state.

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Community Home Care

Runs a day Centre for elderly people where we provide fun but therapeutic social activities for elderly African…

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