Organisation of African Communities

Who we are

The Organisation of African Community of Western Australia Inc. (OAC-WA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides support, services and representation for all Africans in Western Australia at a state and national level. OAC-WA has been in existence since 2012 but was officially inaugurated late 2014 by Hon. Dr Mike Nahan MLA Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests (Currently leader of the Liberal Party) and Dr Joseph Masika President of the Federation of African Communities Council of Australia (FACCA).
The OAC sits under the umbrella organisation, the Federation of African Communities Councils of Australia (FACCA), based in Adelaide, South Australia and has aligned its objectives and long term goals with those of FACCA. In brief, the OAC-WA is focused on working hard to achieve the following: 1) To work with FACCA to advocate for and advance the welfare of African people in Western Australia. 2) To provide a platform on which Africans from diverse backgrounds and countries living in Western Australia would use to present economic, social, political and cultural issues of concern to the community and work collaboratively to find a lasting solution. 3) To advocate on African issues to the State Government and other relevant bodies as required * To provide information and referral services for Africans in Western Australia. 4) To provide input into policy and decision making processes.

meet the our team

Executives of OAC-WA

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