Organisation of African Communities

OCAWA is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support, services and representation for all Africans in Western Australia at a state and national level. 


Our Goal

The mission of OAC-WA is to provide a united and cohesive front of the African Communities in WA. OAC-WA works to promote fairness for and responsiveness of the various African groups for the delivery and design of Government policies and programs. OAC-WA promotes multiculturalism as a fundamental importance that defines what it means to be Australian in the modern time and to address issues of concern for Africans, while recognizing and celebrating efforts that have been made by many African Australians to settle in and contribute in various ways to this society.
African communities make up a large proportion of migrants in Western Australia, and we realised with a steady influx of people from areas like Liberia, Sudan, Somalia, Congo and Burundi, the population would continue to grow; OAC-WA aims to prepare every eligible African in Western Australia to become a responsible, united, participating citizen and leader.

Our projects

Justice reinvestment: Mentor Me ReConnect

Is a new approach in tackling the causes of crime and provides a viable option as our prison expansion costs become unsustainable. It re-directs money spent on prisons to community-based initiatives which aim to address the underlying causes of crime, promising to cut crime and save money. This programme is […]

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Schools Outreach Programme: “Make it happen”

This phase provides opportunity young Africans in years 10-12 in senior high schools to be mentored. This is a programme designed to create rapport with target class, keeping the target group focused and motivated to further their educational careers through to advance learning and University. Some components of make it […]

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Stop The Violence

A six month training and mentorship programme delivered under the auspices of African Australian Mentoring Programme, it is a concept focused on young Africans with the aim of providing mentorship in capacity building, self-esteem and leadership. This project is focused on identifying what violence is and creating awareness on how […]

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Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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