Organisation of African Communities

Ongoing Initiatives

Workshops & Mentoring

OAC-WA provides ethnically and linguistically appropriate training and information sessions to individuals and African groups. This project purposes to increase the knowledge and responsive- ness levels of mainstream service providers to with new and developing communities by Africans that have successfully overcome these challenges.

Cultural Orientations & Settlement

OAC-WA provides support and settlement orientation to recently arrived African Migrants. to enable them to get established in Western Australian society. OAC-WA will implement this project by linking younger people to peer mentors, guiding and directing to the appropriate migration service providers, advocating and cultural events.



Provide counselling services for people of African origin and friends of African. The service include: Anger Management Counselling, Domestic Violence Counselling, Problem Gambling and Addiction counsel- ling; Adolescent mediation Therapy and General Counselling.