2018 WA African Community Categories

This category recognises a young African Australian aged 18 to 25 years who has demonstrated leadership in the community. The person may demonstrate leadership qualities such as mentorship through involvement in entertainment, sports, coaching or other pursuits and contributions and is regarded by others as a setting a good example.

Selection Criteria:

  • Has made a commitment and involved in a volunteering capacity for a minimum of 6 months
  • Has organised or been involved in a community group or activity which has improved people’s lives for a minimum of 6 months
  • Made a positive contribution to an organisation or group that is community focused

This award recognises an outstanding woman in leadership, a woman who has contributed positively to promoting women, communities or group development in WA’s African Australian community. The award acknowledges high level innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and a commitment to creating transformative change at a grass roots community level or beyond.

Selection Criteria:

  • A woman who exhibits leadership and excellence in her field of expertise and has made outstanding contributions to advancing the industry.
  • An emerging leader who has demonstrated leadership through business or innovation.
  • A woman who is a positive role model and mentor who has made outstanding contributions to supporting the industry and the people who work in it.

This award recognises an outstanding individual who has made a positive contribution to the community which has led to greater community harmony. This can be in any area that has made an impact such as to the welfare and wellbeing of communities including with children and young people, families, seniors etc.

Selection Criteria:

  • Passionate about fostering community harmony and wellbeing with strong evidence of community engagement.
  • Able to demonstrate or provide evidence of positive impact made to the lives of individuals and families in communities.
  • Able to provide plans or steps in place to facilitate sustainability of the impact of the initiatives.

This category recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the creation of an innovative idea, project or business where they are an integral part of overseeing growth, leading fast-paced change or innovation, increasing diversity in their business or sector, role modelling for others or breaking boundaries.

Selection Criteria:

  • A key contributor to the development/creation of an innovative idea, project or business which can be new or established (minimum 6 months for a new innovation).
  • Able to demonstrate or show evidence of achievement in their area of innovation.

This category recognizes an individual, charity, community group or company who has worked to make a positive difference in the local, state, national, or global community.  This individual, charity, community group or company should have worked toward the enhancement of wellbeing for communities.

This is the only award that recognises ‘unsung heroes’ that have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to deliver initiatives that transform and empower marginalised communities.

This category strives to identify and recognize an individual who has been well-regarded by the executive management of the Organisation of African Communities of WA for promoting interests of the African Community. The Community Pillar Award is awarded to any individual decided by the executive management. The recipient of this award is recognized as the best and the respectable individuals that the African community has to offer.  Community Pillar Award is not one of the five competitive awards. No nomination is available for this ward.

Selection Criteria:

  • The entity is an individual, charity, community group or company that has contributed to positive outcomes to the welfare and well-being of communities